Mar 2012: CMI enters into a collaborative partnership with a leading European manufacturer and distributor of electrochemical sensor systems for glucose and lactate. The company's name is BST Biosensor Technologies, GmbH [Berlin, Germany]

Aug 2010: CMI's abstract is accepted for a poster presentation in the International Hospital Diabetes Conference [San Diego, CA; Oct 8-9, 2010].

Jan 2010: David T. Giddings, a veteran medical device executive joins CMI as the Chief Business Officer.

Oct 2009: CMI is selected as a finalist in the Purdue University LifeSciences Business Plan championship from among 27 start-ups from across the nation. The company is featured in Inside Indiana Business and Journal and Courier

May 2009: World renowned analytical chemist, Peter T Kissinger joins the scientific advisory board of Cascade Metrix.

Oct 2008: CMI signs an agreement with Philips (Philips Medical Systems Boeblingen GmbH) for interfacing the automated glucose monitoring system data with Philips patient's monitors through the Vuelink Interface

Aug 2008: CMI submits an abstract at the 2008 Diabetes Technology Meeting based on the integration of its blood sampling system with standard blood glucose meters

Mar 2008: CMI article is accepted and published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology ["Automated Blood Sampling and Glucose Sensing in Critical Care Settings"; Kislaya Kunjan, Frank Lloyd; Journal of Diabetes Sci & Tech, 2008]

Sep 2007: The Chief Editor of the Journal of Diabetes Sci. and Technology, David Klonoff, MD., invites CMI to write an original article in the area of automated blood sampling and measurement in support of ICU tight glycemic control

Nov 2006: Cascade Metrix presents a poster in the Diabetes Technology Society meeting in Atlanta, GA ["Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Whole Blood using Mid IR Technology"] 

July 2006: Cascade Metrix, Inc. is registered as a C-corporation in the state of Indiana