Feb 6, 2018: Cascade Metrix [CMX] is working with the Indiana University Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases to evaluate the use of automated glucose monitoring in mice studies. 

The IU CDMD [http://cdmd.indiana.edu/] had evaluated the CMX device for automated glucose monitoring during intravital microscopy in mice models. A pilot evaluation was done with the device on anesthesized mice that was cannuated with a jugular catheter (PE-10 tubing). The preliminary study has shown that the CMX device can measure glucose in an automated fashion by withdrawing a mere 75 microliter of whole blood and then reinfusing the blood back in using normal saline (without the need for any heparin). The next step is to do a full imaging study on the mice while specific drugs are infused into the mice. This would be the first study of its kind where a continuous ex-vivo whole blood glucose measurement is performed in anesthesized mice models.