Cascade Metrix has innovated upon an ex-vivo automated blood sampling system and multiplex analytical platform ("AutoPlexer") that is designed to enable increased adoption of multiple POC medical diagnostic applications currently constrained by workflow challenges stemming from manual blood sampling methods. The AutoPlexer enables automated, multi-analyte, closed loop cost-effective measurements for effective Sepsis and Glycemic Management. The company's multiplex patient attached solution enables accurate delivery of lactate, glucose, hemoglobin and oxygen saturation blood measurements without the need for caregiver sample handling leading to infection control and medical error issues. Additionally, the CMX system is automated and closed loop which does not create any blood waste. This is a major advantage as long-stay ICU patients (which represent 80% of the bed days, but only 50% of the patients) become anemic owing to blood testing alone. Anemia itself has been associated with death in the ICU.

The AutoPlexer automatically samples micro-liter quantities of whole blood from a patient and performs frequent measurements of various blood constituents without wasting a single drop of blood. The CM system introduces a whole new paradigm in patient monitoring that will both optimize nursing efficiency and improve patient care. 

CMX's technology features the following:

  • Integrates a proprietary blood sampling methodology with a clinically proven electrochemical sensor system
  • Uses the latest in microfluidics and microelectronics, making the system both safe for the patient and intuitive to clinicians
  • Is designed to be as familiar to set-up and use as modern infusion devices, making the product easily adapt into any hospital environment
  • Displays measurement histories and trends and other data at a touch, all of which will interface with existing patient monitors/hospital information systems
  • Over time, the automated blood sampling platform will be utilized to develop a range of patient monitoring and control system

Other Blood Analytes: CMX plans to add other time sensitive tests to the AutoSampler platform. Whole blood sensors to monitor heparin therapy, blood gases, electrolytes and certain biomarkers will be integrated to the CM sampling platform. Combining leading edge innovations in micro-fluidics, electro-chemistry, and machine intelligence, CMX has developed patentable inventions covering technologies, designs, and other relevant operational aspects.

Technology Development History

Over the years, Cascade Metrix has developed multiple technologies for glucose sensing and automated blood sampling. The picture below gives a snapshot of the various technologies developed and prototyped by CM, starting with mid infrared quantum cascade laser spectroscopy based glucose sensors to a version that uses electrochemical sensors from BST Bio Sensor Technology, GmbH

CM's transition from infrared spectroscopy to electrochemistry based sensing was described in a research article published with the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

The prototype performs automated blood glucose measurements based off an IV-line. The pole-mounted version of the device that is controlled by a tablet is shown in the image below. 

Results from a 3-day study preclinical study on porcine subjects can be viewed on this page

A newer AutoPlexer device with multi-analyte capabilities is currently being developed and undergoing pre-clinical evaluation. Regulatory filings are expected to occur in late 2024.  

CAUTION: Investigational device, limited by federal law to investigational use.