Aug 28, 2018: Cascade Metrix (CMX) was invited to participate in the Startup Company Showcase at the Diabetes Technology Meeting 2018!

Feb 6, 2018: Cascade Metrix [CMX] is working with the Indiana University Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases to evaluate the use of automated glucose monitoring in mice studies. 

April 2, 2016: Cascade Metrix [CM] in partnership with Purdue University’s Pharmacology Testing Facility (West Lafayette, IN) conducted a 3-day pilot study on two pigs. 

Feb 10, 2016: Cascade Metrix is pleased to release preliminary results (including videos) from ongoing studies in pig and rat models. 

May 10, 2015: Cascade Metrix presented a poster in the International Hospital Diabetes Meeting held in San Francisco, CA from May 8-9, 2015.

March 18 2015: Cascade Metrix has entered into a pre-clinical trial partnership with the Purdue Veterinary Medicine and the Translational Pharmacology in West Lafayette, IN.

Jan 2015: Cascade Metrix has completed the design and development of a 'pre-clinical' device that performs fully automated blood sampling and glucose measurement in lab animals.